Additional Appliances for Home

Now as well as an electric can opener you may need additional appliances for your home in particular the kitchen, which is known to show case often the most appliances. And here you will have to demonstrate that you know what you are doing. Remember that all stainless steel appliances need to go together and that they need to look good because that is what causes the kitchen to look good which means if you do it, you will have a very pleasing kitchen. And as you continue doing it, you will notice as you get better at matching that because the appliances go in harmony your kitchen looks more convenient which means more people will like it. Now one of the things you need is the electric toaster however not a normal one but a 4 slice toaster this is sure to make your life in the kitchen much more easier and convenient, go to to find reviews on which one is the best in 2016.

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Setting up your home

Every home needs to be set up properly or else what is the point of having a home in the first place? Remember what you are good at and play to your strengths, if you are an artsy person choose the fabrics, if you are mechanical organize the garage. If you are crafty find and pick cool gadgets to have in your home. There are many such cool gadgets and we will recommend just one to you. If you have a home it is likely that you will also have a lounge with a TV and wherever you have a TV you usually have an xbox a dvd player and a whole bunch of other things and for all of them you have remotes. Now keeping track of this many remotes can be daunting, which is why we recommend you use a universal remote control, find the best universal remote for your home and use that we promise it will make your life so much easier! click here to go to a site that reviews and rates universal remotes to find the best one.

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5 Back Yard Construction Tips

The backyard is a vital part of any home. It’s the place to have barbecues the place for people to gather, relax, perhaps for the kids to play a little sport. It is a must have part of any home and so clearly it must all be built and maintained very well. So to help our viewers here at dixonsconstruction in making an informed choice on how to design, build and maintain a backyard we have come up with a list of “must-do” things, a series of tips for you to be on your way in making your own!

  1. Keep it SpaciousThe backyard should always be bigger than the front yard and in general, atleast 2/3 of the area of the house itself. It’s been continuously proven that for people to grow and live happy lives they need a physically spacious living space. If your backyard is limiting in anyway then you will risk feeling more claustrophobic, it is less aesthetically pleasing as well and if you ever have pets, they too will feel this. Pets and children both need ample running space to play and have fun. So make your backyard as spacious as possible. If you are thinking of making a large house, you might want to consider constructing a double story house in order to save space on your land for the yard.
  2. Remove Extra TreesAlthough a few trees and shrubberies can be great for the look of the house as well as to keep it natural, ultimately, you want to remove both the extra large trees that are there as well as any extra trees that are crowding your backyard. Trees are good in moderation not in excess. But tree removal is a risky and dangerous process to do on your own, you should hire a tree removal service if you can. Click here brisbane tree removal service is one of the best out there, once you figure it out you’ll have a great result in the end.
  3. Don’t Use Turf┬áThese days a lot of people are using turf instead of real grass, this can be contributed to the fact that the internet provides people with a lot of information on different trends and new materials available. This is more a problem than a blessing because the information is almost always incomplete or sometimes completely wrong. For example, it is commonly believed that Turf has many more benefits over real grass, for example you don’t have to water it. It can be made to feel softer than real grass as well and other such factors. So people are now using more and more turf instead of real grass. However we absolutely advice against this. In the long run turf is susceptible to sun damage and it will start withering. Also real grass has many more benefits, it is less irritant to the skin so you can lie down on it, or walk bare foot, sometimes with turf you cannot do this as it irritates the skin. It’s also better for the mind, research shows that grass and greenery has a calming effect on the psychology of humans.
  4. Leave Room for a Vegetable PatchGrowing your own food is very healthy and even enjoyable. Watering plant and then eating the fruits of your own labor, literally, is very therapeutic. These days the market are full of steroid enhanced and nutrient drained foods so this is definitely an optional thing we recommend to all our clients. A special construction can be made for the vegetable patch separate to any other yard thing.

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Designing your backyard!

Whenever someone buys a backyard one of the first things that no doubt comes to their mind is, “well should I include a pool in it or not” on one hand the prospect of building a pool and waking up every morning to that shimmering blue light cascading through the window panel doors into your home. Everyone wants that but the thought comes into the head, “well what if I am going to sell it? what shall I do then?” Surely building a pool would greatly diminish the resale value of the property overall. And this is a reasonable thought because it is TRUE. Most people pay less for a home with a pool than they do for a home without a pool, because for one thing it is more expensive to get rid of a pool and make it flat ground again than it is to make a pool. So buyers are usually thinking that they will have more options with a flat backyard than with a pool or something.

So, Should You Make a Pool?

Well ultimately the decision to include a swimming pool in your design plan is up to you. It half depends on how long you plan to live in your house. If you plan to live long-term and have no intention of selling, then feel free to customize it to your own liking without holding back. But if you plan to sell it then you should consider your options more carefully and try NOT to design or build anything that will be impossible to undo. If nothing else you can always consider the possibility of a prop up pool. You know the ones that you bring in on a trailer and set-up inside your backyard. Those can do the job just as well and best of all they are removable so you wont have to worry about the resale value. Of course they are harder to setup too you have to bring it in in pieces and then make it yourself, but on the plus side it’s cheaper as well.

Garden yourself or hire a pro?

This is another issue you may be considering when making your backyard. Should you do the gardening yourself or should you hire a professional. In regards to this we would say once again, that it depends on whether or not your backyard is big or small. For big or very big backyards, you will be probably better off hiring a professional because the time spent in cleaning and maintaining your garden would be so large you’d be better off just earning more money in it. It would be cheaper, time-value-money wise to hire a professional. On the other hand if your backyard is small and you have a small area to look after it is most certainly better for you to do it yourself because there is no point in paying hourly for a small backyard, the gardener will just be ripping you off. You can easily manage it, and furthermore it is good for your health to get out once in a while. This is scientifically proven.

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Dixons, the Construction Blog

The Dixon’s construction blog is one of the leading blogs on home construction and renovation that you can find on the internet. It takes a lot of research and analysis to bring you the absolute latest and best information on construction that you can get your hands on. And you should always remember that it is the quality of the information that will get you the desired results you seek, not the quantity. With this in mind, our entire focus is on the quality of information we provide to you. We proved the best and latest techniques you can use in constructing your home, ways to approach the design phase. Which is one of the most over looked phase. And of course, how to remain on budget, all the time. People go over budget far too often and it is completely unnecessary if you approach the task with the proper preparation and mindset.


So before we talk about anything else let’s just quickly talk about budgeting. You will find that most of our competitor consulting companies will totally skip this section and immediately try to sell you the most expensive package they have. We do not act on the premise of personal gain, but on the best possible shared experience. We want you to have the bet possible experience in renovating your home from the moment you decide to do it to the moment you stand back and look at the finished product. Budgeting is a major field and with proper research we can always find the best possible prices for the type of makeovers you are looking for.

Planning and Design

The planning and design phase is absolutely key, and we here at Dixon’s offer you a personalized session with 1 of our experts in planning and designing. All of our staff are highly qualified and expertly trained to give you the bet possible service for the minimum price. We will usually come to your house, or if preferred you can book an appointment in with us and sit in one of our offices to discuss this. We will go over all the basics as well as all the advanced techniques that you might need to know in how to approach the design phase of your home construction.

Some of the key elements of the design phase is that there must be an artistic look in mind, we have an artistic director who can assist with this, as well as melding these ideas into practical solutions which our team of construction and fitting experts can assist on. We will help you over the hurdle of which materials to choose as well.


Although there are many steps to take after the design is finalized, ultimately the next phase of the construction procedure is the implementation phase. And this is where we do not compromise on excellence in the least! If you want your home to look exactly as you imagined, then Dixon’s is the right company for you. We will make sure taht you are satisfied with the results, and until you are we will keep on working, tweaking and implementing the design you have decided upon.

Our Motto

These are the basic principles of the Dixon’s company. We are here to serve you in any way, and don’t forget out website is continually updated with the best information on home renovation and reconstruction so stay tuned and wait for more.

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How to Build a Pool

Now you have your dream house, just one thing missing, the swimming pool. Almost everybody dreams of having a nice awesome pool in the backyard that the children can jump into in the summers or that you yourself can use every morning. But how do you go about it? The pool may seem liek a great idea at first, but trust us, if you don’t know how to maintain it, how to design, dig and construct it you will be in a world of trouble. Not only can it be extremely difficult to maintain if not built right it can reduce the land value and resale value of the home if it si not atleast aesthetic. So what do you do? its simple. Make your pool a priority. The absolute best way to go about this would be to hire an architect, an architect will tell you exactly how where and when to build a pool thus saving you countless hours of research, failed experimentation and money spent on building the wrong type of pool. there are many tips and tricks to consider when making a pool and we will only be using some of them here to tell you how to go about doing it.

  1. The very first thing you should know is positioning.You want to be able to know that your pool is in such a  position that when you wake up not only is it close to the back door of the veranda but that it is place in a place where there is plenty of sunlight, if you do not do this the pool water will become really cold and its not as fun swimming in a cold dark pool as it is swimming in a pool in the sun. The pool must be positioned for example, somewhere in the center of the yard, somewhere easy to access and that will stay warm. If you have any trees in your back yard or even close to the area of the pool this can be a big problem as the leaves of it will fall into the pool. So here you have two options, you can either remove the tree altogether, this is ideal, because even if it is not littering your pool, most certainly it will be littering in your back yard. The other option if you cannot do this is to keep the pool and tree separate by spacing them away from one another.
  2. Use chlorinated water.Do not use fresh water in your pool use salt water chlorinated this has countless benefits, for example it kills bacteria and it will make your swimming pool not only cleaner but last longer without needing to replace the water all you need to do is replace the chlorine.
  3. Get the right pool shape.Over the years some incredible pool designs have showed up one of them was the foot shaped pool which we though was very cool and every since its been a whole variety to choose from. We suggest that you consult your architect about this different homes can have different ideal shapes for their pools. You might want to try a square shaped one if you live in suburbia, or a round pool next to the ocean. The options are limitless.With these tips we hope you take the right steps of actoin to make the perfect pool for your house under construction don’t wait any longer construct your dream house today if you have any questions feel free to ask us out contact is provided on the home page.

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